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Warning: The following review of Niche Profit Full Control by Adam Short might be controversial.  Please read at your discretion.

Creator: Adam Short
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No BS Review of Niche Profit Full Control

no-bs-reviewFirst of all, this is not one of those reviews where I just tell you what’s inside and how awesome it isor not. No, I want to show you the bigger picture and tell you why I’m dropping most of my sites to focus on niche marketing. If you’re looking for a generic review then I’m sorry to disappoint. However, for those who want an inside look into Niche Profit Full Control and discover whether it’s right for them, read on.

So, what is niche marketing? Like Adam Short explained, niche marketing is focusing on fulfilling a need or a want of a particular group. How does that differ from a market? Well, as an example, a market would be dog training, and a niche would be Labrador training.

keyword-researchSo, what is niche marketing? Like Adam Short explained, niche marketing is focusing on fulfilling a need or a want of a particular group. How does that differ from a market? Well, as an example, a market would be dog training, and a niche would be Labrador training.

Why? Let’s breakdown those two keywords down and the BNB Formula

There are roughly 60,500 people searching for dog training a month, and there are 16,900,000 websites that are targeting that specific keyword. So while 60,500 searches sounds great, the ratio of 275 to 1 does not. Thee sheer amount of competition makes it virtuallyimpossible to get traffic, decent conversionsor to become an authority without spending months and thousands of dollars, if not more.

On the other hand, Labrador training has a 16 to 1 ratio with 2,900 searches and only 46,300 results. With competition like that you can start making money within a week with both paid and free traffic. Plus you get automatic authority by having a niche-specific website rather thana general one, which is becoming a big trend online.

People Love Niche Sites!


The internet is constantly expanding, and if you have a keyword that has 16 million websites targeting it, it will bepretty hard to get noticed, even if you’re near the top. People simply get overwhelmed with so many results and start narrowing their searchdown. That’s how a 60k dog training search can easily become a 2,900 Labrador training or a 9,900 German Shepherd search.

Now which one would they prefer? Or how about you? If you had a German Shepherd, would you rather visits a site about German Shepherd training or genericdog training? I bet it’s the first one. After all, if someone has an entire site dedicated to a specific breed then that person automatically becomes an authority in many people’s eyes. This is something you can leverage really easily with Niche Profit Full Control. Or Airbnb Formula is the best way to earn with airbnb.

Fail-Proof Way With Niche Profit Full Control


Now that we’ve established that niche sites are awesome, let’s focus on how to create successful ones with the least amount of effort and time. Isn’t that what internet marketing is all about?

Of course you don’t have to use Niche Profit Full Control to create these niche sites.

In fact, before learning from Adam Short I used to do them manually based on 10 different blueprints I found online. Granted that only 1 out of 10 every made me money, but it is possible. With that said, I advise you to save yourself tons of headaches, frustration, money and time with the 100% money-back guaranteed Niche Profit Full Control.

So let’s break it down and make your internet life a whole lot easier. The Niche Profit Full Control is broken down into 4 parts, which are:

1: Training – 8 modules of video and text training that will first guide you from 0 to $10k per month and then to 100k per month. The modules include:

  1.  Niche Selection
  2. Setting Up Your Automatic Selling Machine
  3. Product Creation & Funnels
  4. Testing & Conversions
  5. Traffic Ramp Up
  6. Profit Maximization
  7. Content Publish
  8. Wrap Up

2: Software – 6 professional software programs that I wish I had years ago. These bad boys will not only save you money and time, but also make sure you don’t make mistakes like most newcomers do. These are:

  1. Market Feeder – Don’t know what your niche should be? Find out about the hottest niches and products you can promote in seconds with this analyzing tool.
  2. Market Analyzer – This bad boy will analyze the niche you chose to make sure there is both profit and potential in it.
  3. Competition Profiler – Never overlook your competition. With this tool you can analyze the competition and learn from it, or avoid it entirely if it is not worth it.
  4. Niche Profit Press – A simple point-and-click landing page builder that gets the job done in minutes. I like it because it usually takes me hours to build a landing page manually.
  5. Traffic Advantage – Find big clusters of social traffic regarding your niche or market and redirect it to your site. A great way to get free and targeted traffic.ic.
  6. Social Leads Builder – An innovative way to make your content go viral and get tons of social leads.

Part 3: Community – A great place to interact, ask questions, boast (you know you want to) and meet like minded people that are part of the Niche Profit Full Control system

Part 4:  Ready-Made Niche Businesses  – because sometimes you just want to make money right away;)

So what if you want to start right away? Well, Adam Short included 8 done-for-you niche businesses in the top, most profitable niches. This means the business comes ready with:

  • A month worth of autorespdnder emails
  • 20 articles in the specific niche
  • Landing page
  • 2 free reports to give away

eCommerce is my second favorite thing after affiliate and eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison is the best.

The Verdict: Totally Worth It


I have to be honest, I’ve learned more from Niche Profit Full Control than I did in the last few years of actually earning money from niche sites, which is quite embarrassing. Adam Short really outdone himself by making a system that was easy enough fora complete newcomer to follow, but powerful enough that even online veterans will learn from it.

However, this review is not about me, it is about you. I promised thatI wouldhelp you decide if Niche Profit Full Control for you. So is it? If you’re still not sure let me ask you 2 questions:

  1. Do you want a fail-proof method to generate an income online that has worked for many years and will continue to work in the future?
  2. Do you want a system that makes it as simple as possible to create niche businesses?

If you are still reading and answered yes to either of the above questions, then I definitely think Niche Profit Full Control is for you. Click the link below to grab it now.

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